I am very enthusiastic about the products you made me test. This was a great opportunity I am grateful for. After only one night I felt physical changes. I had a restful feeling of falling asleep faster. Indeed I really felt refreshed the next morning. Pleasant to wear the clothing is very comfortable on the skin. On top of that, VENEX customer service & consulting is great: I had a very nice and competent advice. Thank you very much!

Hannah Mergenthaler
German Track Athlete and former U-18 Champion in her special discipline 400-meter run

Hannah Mergenthaler
Photographer: Alexander Grüber


Already when I heard about VENEX for the first time I absolutely loved it. Enthusiastic about the idea of an improved regeneration and enthusiastic about the concept and the product VENEX.

One does not only rely on the subjective “perception” of the probands but uses scientifically collected data, making the effect of the fibre understandable. That convinced me, as well as the positive experience that I have meanwhile had with VENEX.

Hanne Brenner
Successful in dressage with handicap, Paralympic champion four times, European and German champion

Hanne Brenner - Venex Superpyjama - Regeneration


In the six months that I have been wearing VENEX during the night I found out that I sleep more relaxed and longer.

As a consequence, I am more relaxed and more powerful. During the training and competition breaks I regenerate faster.

Marco Koch
First German world champion over 200 m breaststroke
Website Marco Koch

Marco Koch Venex Superpyjama - Regeneration


I would like to express my grateful thanks for providing the VENEX wear. The Olympic season 2016 was one of the most difficult ones during my career and my competition results were far behind what I could show in the training when immediately preparing the last weeks before the start of the season. The support through VENEX and the associated improved regeneration after exhausting training days helps me preparing for important qualification contests. In retrospect of my inguinal hernia beginning May it is amazing to know that I finally managed participating in the European Championships and my third Olympic Games – this is definitely also partly due to the optimised regeneration through VENEX. I had already made the decision to continue my career in Rio and this is why I am happy to continue relying on VENEX when preparing for the World Championships 2017 in London.

Kathrin Klaas
Olympic hammer thrower
Website Kathrin Klaas

Kathrin Klaas Olympic hammer thrower


As for the scarf I must say that I am totally excited. I thought it could be helpful but I haven’t expected this result. My tensions are almost gone, my shoulder pain is almost gone and all that with a “piece of fabric”. Oh yes, I can also sleep better. Thank you, also to Japan. I have already recommended you.

Holger Laubner
Car mechanic and road builder

Holger Laubner - Car mechanic and road builder


My wife Petra and I have been wearing VENEX Regeneration Wear since mid July. We feel very well in it, especially when travelling since the place to sleep does not always correspond to our holistic health approach. It would be great if there was a similar cloth for animals (note from our poodle Anjali), a nice doily or scarf!

Jörg Schmidt

Jörg Schmidt - Venex Superpyjama - recovery


I am thrilled and absolutely convinced of the product! I fall asleep immediately with a permanent and restful sleep and feel fit and efficient the next morning.

Thomas Früh
Partner Belvalor AG

Thomas Früh with Venex Superpyjama recovery


I have meanwhile tested VENEX Regeneration Wear for several weeks and I am absolutely thrilled.
I do not only sleep significantly deeper and more relaxed but my muscles also feel much more refreshed the next morning.

As I often have a lot of time between my workouts, I even wear VENEX during the day. So the start of the next training is much easier for me then.

Lisa Graf
German champion over 200 m backstroke
9th place over 200 m backstroke at the World Cup

Lisa Graf - Venex Superpyjama


I was very sceptical in the beginning but I am more than convinced now. With VENEX my muscles are much looser and I have a restful sleep! I am very pleased to recommend VENEX to my customers.

Stefan Lang
Managing Partner at Step Sports & Spa

Stefan Lang - Venex


Thanks to VENEX it is much easier for me to work against my neck tension and I am plagued significantly less with my unspeakable headaches. Just awesome!

Isabelle von Wezyk

isabelle von wezyk venex regeneration


I have now been in the ski industry for 30 years. I co-developed and designed many things. I have never seen such an innovative product like VENEX. Already in the first night with VENEX I felt the regeneration process. VENEX helps the body to regenerate faster. VENEX also increases the blood circulation. As a Swede and as a ski trainer I have to endure temperatures up to 35 degrees and I can confirm that the blood circulation is significantly increased by VENEX which results in a very pleasant body sensation. I sleep better and I am fit in the morning.

Gunnar Bergstedt
He was the first Swedish professional ski racer in the US and vice champion twice.

Gunnar Bergstedt Swedish professional ski racer - recovery with venex


I got the outfit from my husband. I do, however, only wear it when sleeping (because I work till falling asleep …)

The drastic change is the next day in the afternoon, after physical work for about 12 hours (I get up at 3 o’clock, starting work at 4 o’clock).
In the past I was already knocked out that moment although I still had a lot of other tasks to do.
Since the first day with VENEX Regeneration Wear I do, however, have much more power to still do something, I can reasonably do further work and fulfill private obligations

The night is still very short for me, sometimes very restless, getting up is a great effort. It must, however, be your product that helps me feeling better the next day now! I have no idea how to otherwise explain the dramatic but lasting change since the day …

Kyoko Scheiffele
Proprietor takeaway soyosoyo lunch

Kyoko Scheiffele takeaway soyosoyo lunch


Hello sport fans! I had the opportunity to test VENEX and I am thrilled! Very comfortable wearing and relaxing effect on my whole being! During a serious illness I could feel the regenerative effect on my body in the recovery phase.

Dr. med. Hubert Buchner
Specialist in orthopaedics, physical medicine, sports medicine

Dr. med. Hubert Buchner Specialist in orthopaedics, physical medicine, sports medicine


Thanks to the great fabric VENEX feels very comfortable on the skin (like silk), thus I have a very relaxing and regenerative sleep and I feel noticeably fitter and more powerful the next day. VENEX is very comfortable to wear and does not restrain during our sleep.

The climate balance is excellent and I am neither sweating nor freezing when sleeping in VENEX Regeneration Wear. My recovery time is shorter when I wear VENEX in my sleep

Wolfgang Steinhauser
TransAlpineRun (8 days / team mixed category) 260 km / 15500 m altitude / overall place 9

Wolfgang Steinhauser TransAlpineRun


I have measured my sleep quality every night for over 2 years with an app, the value showed an average of 65% so far.

Since I have been wearing VENEX Regeneration Wear the result of my measurement is 95%! My sleep quality has significantly improved, I sleep more relaxed and I consequently recover much faster.

I was very surprised and I am delighted to have discovered this product!

Akio Koyama
Bassoonist, professor of bassoon at the Musikhochschule Trossingen

Akio Koyama Aya Koyama Yuko Koyama Rie Koyama - recovery with venex
Foto: Gernot Hanschke