The revolution of regeneration – for everybody suffering from states of exhaustion.

“Since the foundation of VENEX I have been living my vision to offer relaxation for all suffering from states of exhaustion – the revolution of regeneration.

In Japan VENEX Life-Science Regeneration Wear for sports men and for everyone was launched onto the market in 2009. Our product is definitely one of the most effective and at the same time most practicable solutions for stress management. Various scientific studies prove this effect. Relaxed and positive people better face today’s challenges we look at every day in this world battling against stimulus satiation – now also available in Europe!”

Dr. med. Hideki Katano, company founder

Hideki Katano ISPO Award 2013


“VENEX Life-Science Regeneration Wear” originally goes back to the development of a fibre consisting of a mix of minerals and platinum. Research was thereby focusing on stimulating a component of the vegetative nervous system: the parasympathetic (calming branch of the nervous system). The effect of the V-TEX® fibre is thereby achieved through interaction with the skin receptors.

In 2009, the first products of this patented and superior fibre were finally launched onto the market. This unique revolution in the field of regeneration wear differs in one major aspect from traditionally known products: It supports and accelerates regeneration in the resting phases..

VENEX Regeneration Wear became more and more popular and the familiarity grew rapidly amongst athletes and professional sportsmen, especially through recommendation marketing.

This special wear is characterised by its loose fit and is consequently very pleasant to wear. The wearing characteristics, without compression of muscles and the use during resting phases, have contributed to the fact that VENEX Life-Science Regeneration Wear is a standard for professional sport. Due to a book offering a holistic view at the topic regeneration published by VENEX in Japan (900,000 copies sold in three years) many customers already use the advantages of VENEX as a wellness and home wear.