This is how VENEX Life-Science Regeneration Wear works:


The characteristics of the patented V-TEX® Regeneration Fibre developed by VENEX activate the parasympathetic nerve system and thus support our body’s regeneration process during resting phases
and sleep.

VENEX Regeneration Wear offers maximum relaxation in phases of rest and during sleep. Hence, our performance during phases of activity is improved accordingly.

The effect remains till a distance of 2 cm to the skin and also works with lightweight underwear clothing.

The platinum-mineral mix of the V-TEX® Regeneration Fibre gives a signal that is sent to our brain (2) via the receptors of the skin (1). This command leads to an extension of the blood vessels and activates the parasympathetic (3) nervous system (the so called “calming branch of the nervous system”).


THE REVOLUTION OF REGENERATION - venex regeneration for you 


When wearing our Regeneration you may feel an increased blood circulation in the beginning which may in turn lead to an intensive feeling of warmth. According to our experience, this reaction does, however, decline after 2 to 4 weeks of regular wearing.


It is not possible to over stimulate the flow of blood. Our body only reacts to the individually set impulses and just receives the extent necessary in order to be back in balance through our VENEX Regeneration Wear.




Production of the
V-TEX® Regeneration Fibre

Production of v-tex venex 

Producing the garment of our VENEX Regeneration Wear

We use 3 fibres for the fine knitted fabrics of our VENEX regeneration wear:

Production of v-tex venex 

This is how we achieve an optimum mix of the positive characteristics of the material mix used. VENEX stands for an outstanding quality, that – in turn – leads to the special regenerative effect of our V-TEX® fibre:

The V-TEX® Regeneration Fibre:
• stimulates the parasympathetic nerve activity
• increases the blood circulation
• relaxes the muscles
• improves the quality of your sleep
• strengthens our immune system

Our V-TEX® fibre supports the regeneration process of our body after physical and mental stress.

The TENCEL® quality stands for a high degree of wearing comfort, preserving our resources and protecting our environment:
• sustainable and environmentally friendly
• friendly to and gentle on skin
• balancing humidity and temperature


producing the garment of our venex regeneration wear